Good Dancers !!

Good dancers…

1. Overcome excuses about why they can’t practice. Ain’t no way you’re moving up if you can’t gain some momentum in your dance practice.

2. Take music seriously. If you need convincing, you’re not ready to advance.

3. Use both a mirror and video regularly in practice. Oh, I know there’s resistance to this. I dare you to try this every week for a month, then come tell me you failed. You won’t do it. Fail, I mean. It will be a raging success, and you’ll wish you’d gotten over yourself earlier.

4. Analyze themselves on video. It may pain you at first, but the cringing doesn’t last for long.

5. Ignore the haters. If everyone likes you, you’re probably boring.

6. Learn to dance without a partner. Relying on your partner is a crutch. If you can hold your own on the dance floor, nothing can stop you. Plus practicing alone is surprisingly good for you.

7. Strive to constantly make new discoveries about dancing (rather than waiting to be spoon fed the answers). This is a crucial part of developing your unique perspective and voice. Don’t be a dance robot.

8. Seek out instructors/mentors they mesh with and who push them.

9. Practice the shit out of everything. Does this one need explaining? Of course you’ll need to do high-quality practice, not mindless practice.

10. Disregard their inner critics’ harsh thoughts. Your inner critic is just a little child trying to distract you from doing worthwhile things. Hit the ignore button.

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