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Born in Nuremberg, Germany. Growing up in a military family, in other words being a military brat haha. Season 3 Of The Rap Game on Lifetime w/ Jermaine Dupri and manager of Deetranada. Jermaine "Platinum J" Melvin is a choreographer and entrepreneur. He has taught teens and adults from ages 8-50. His unique style has made him very popular locally which is how he received the stage name "Platinum J". His accolades include appearance on the TV show “So You Think You Can Dance”  and performing for Grammy award nominated R&B superstar Ginuwine during the Baltimore Believe Tour.


In 2009 Platinum J won the grand prize after a stellar performance for "Baltimore's Got Talent." Jermaine has performed at many local events to include pep rally's and community services. Although he is highly influenced by Michael Jackson and James Brown he has an originality that compares to none. Jermaine "Platinum J" Melvin also produces his own music mixes for his routines and continues to put his personal stamp on today's modern hip hop dance.

Jermaine Aka Platinum J

Platinum J": The Choreographer Taking Modern Hip Hop Dance by Storm


Jermaine "Platinum J" Melvin is a talented and innovative choreographer, renowned for his unique style and ability to push the boundaries of modern hip hop dance. With over a decade of experience teaching and mentoring aspiring dancers, Jermaine has become a sought-after instructor and creative force in the dance world. His impressive resume includes appearances on hit TV shows and performances for major music industry stars, cementing his reputation as one of the most exciting choreographers working today.


Jermaine "Platinum J" Melvin is not only a talented choreographer but also a savvy entrepreneur. As the manager of Deetranada and producer of his own music mixes, Jermaine has built a successful career in the entertainment industry. His passion and dedication to his craft have enabled him to create a brand that is recognized and respected throughout the industry. Jermaine's unique perspective and innovative approach to business make him a force to be reckoned with in the world of entrepreneurship.


Jermaine "Platinum J" Melvin is an accomplished hip hop dancer, known for his unique style and impressive talent. With over a decade of experience teaching and performing, Jermaine has become a sought-after choreographer and mentor. His passion for modern hip hop dance is evident in every performance, inspiring and influencing dancers across the globe.

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