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-Let Yourself Be Amazing

Platinum J Freeze

Dancing has always been in my life. I’m sure I was dancing way before I could walk. My parents always had music blasting in the house growing up and that meant they were having a party or it was time to clean the house. (haha) I hated cleaning the house so I made the best of it by dancing while cleaning!

All white Double jointed

Being a dancer and having the love for music allowed me to express myself in many ways that sometimes I couldn’t vocally.  Dancing has always been a positive outlet for me in my life. No matter what is going on in my life, I know dance will always be there.

One of my biggest influencers is Michael Jackson. I believe seeing him as a kid on tv performing Billie Jean to rock with you even thriller even though thriller scared the mess out of me as a kid. At that moment seeing him dance and spin around I knew I wanted to be a dancer and a performer.

As I got older I always kept dancing never took any real dance classes or did any recitals, even though I went to a performing arts school in MD ( Harford Tech ) I went in there for Computers. It wasn’t until after high school I took a random trip to NewYork with a friend and tried out for the TV show “So You Think You Can Dance” on Fox. For me that was the first time I saw other dancers like me doing the things that I do or even better! I felt like a kid in a candy store,  that whole experience open my eyes and on the plus side making it to the third call backs meeting the judges.

Platinum J posing

 Platinum J is more than just a person, it’s a brand, It’s an inspirational movement and most importantly its an experience ! “Let Yourself Dance is a statement that replaces fear of anything into courage to do anything with passion and positive energy !

The Platinum J Experience will allow students to discover their own hiphop style in a stress free and fun environment while also learning original Choreography.

platinum j being cool

After that trip my life changed forever  I began taking classes on the regular from jazz, to ballet, and of course hip hop. Performing and traveling with major music artists like Ginuwine, Raheem Devaughn, Jermaine Dupri , Bam the Dancer, Dlow Bop king and local radio station 92Q. If I had to put myself in a class I would say Poppin, Animation, and Bone Breaking. I’m continuing  to grow as a dancer and choreographer and I’m excited for the future!

Choreography by Platinum J


Hip hop classes provide a fast-paced, yet fun environment in which you will get exercise and make new friends. Learning to dance is a great way to bring a shy person out of their shell and build confidence.




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